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Freelance Journalist: The Two River Times

Middletown, New Jersey

Jay Cook

I am a 23-year-old, Monmouth County based freelance journalist with The Two River Times, a weekly newspaper in Red Bank, NJ. I also work as a videographer for Shore Sports Zone in Monmouth County, shooting high-level video of Shore Conference football games. Also, I'm a co-founder and podcast host on The Cul-De-Sac Sports Network, based out of Monmouth County. I graduated from Rutgers University in Spring 2016 with my B.A. in Journalism/Media Studies and a minor in Poli Sci, summa cum laude.


NJ Surfing Trailblazers Set To Reunite

The year 1965 changed the way surfing was viewed on the Jersey Shore. Picture the scene: empty Volkswagen Bugs and Ford Woody Wagons lined down Kiernan Boulevard in Long Branch, as their passengers move in waves to Kiernan Beach, which would become the most prolific break for New Jersey surfing.
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Swim Siblings Always Working For More Success

Leading the front page of the sports section in the July 21-28 edition of The Two River Times is a profile on two accomplished swimmers from the North Shore Club League.
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Middletown Now Rich in Hockey Tradition

Aboard the fittingly-named family boat “Breakaway,” a 20 person entourage joined Trevor van Riemsdyk for his journey to the docks at the Salt Creek Grille in celebration of his championship season with the World Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Over 160 friends and family awaited the arrival of the Middletown native van Riemsdyk to celebrate his day in showcasing the Stanley Cup to his hometown.
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Nautical History Unearthed Under Highlands Bungalow

It is not everyday that a piece of history is discovered underneath someone’s house, let alone holding that house up. But this odd occurrence was a reality for Eileen Scanlon of 5th Street in Highlands, who discovered on May 26 exactly what was beneath the floorboards of a three-bedroom bungalow on her property.
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Pokemon GO Craze Captures Players of All Ages

RED BANK – Strategically placed beneath some essential tree shade just outside of Riverside Garden Park are Matthew Wilson and Timothy Moses, putting in work at their nearest PokéStop. The two 14-year-olds, with iPhones in hand, walked through Red Bank when they saw a lure was placed in the area, giving them a better chance to catch more Pokémon and restock on a number of items, ranging from Pokéballs to potions to revival medicines.
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Holmdel Takes On Power Line Fight

HOLMDEL – During a special meeting last week, the Holmdel Township Committee adopted a resolution opposing a controversial transmission line project and asking that the line be buried underground if ultimately approved. Monmouth County Reliability Project, the name given to the $75 million proposal by Jersey Central Power and Light Company, is the installation of a 230-kilovolt transmission line spanning 10 miles along the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line commuter rail line right-of-way.
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Belford’s Seafood Co-op Dealt Setback from Fire

The exhaust of a docked fishing boat’s engine, coupled with a steady chilled breeze of salty air from the Raritan Bay, creates a familiar scent for the Belford Seafood Co-op marina. A pair of forklifts can be heard shuffling fishing cargo from one end to another. Meanwhile, a Verizon bucket truck, with a lineman fastened in, extends roughly 30 feet up to replace damaged phone lines.
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Awareness Is A Concern As Motorcycles Return To The Roads

The old motorcycle adage ‘loud pipes save lives’ is considered by many riders to be gospel. But to motorcycle education instructors, it is misleading. Loud pipes do not save lives; education does. “You have loud pipes? That doesn’t save anybody’s life. Everyone with a half a brain knows it doesn’t,” says Dave Fairlie, head instructor with Rider Education of New Jersey, a non-profit organization that offers motorcycle education classes in New Jersey.
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Local Pet Stores Dispute Alleged Consumer Affairs Violations

The state’s newly amended Pet Purchase Protection Act is designed to create transparency between pet stores and customers. The law aims to give prospective pet buyers the animal’s veterinary history, breeder or broker information, as well as prohibit New Jersey pet dealers from doing any business with unlicensed breeders or animal welfare violators, also known as puppy mills.
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Middletown Man Celebrates 105 Years Young!

William “Austin” Clark, a Middletown resident since 1967, reached a rather remarkable milestone earlier last week, celebrating his 105 birthday on August 5. “There was nothing special, I eat plain food. When my wife was alive, I ate whatever she fed me. If I complained, I was told, ‘don’t eat it,” Clark said with a good-natured smirk.
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Locals Bid Farewell To Legendary Lobster House

SEA BRIGHT – Harry’s Lobster House, a legendary Sea Bright eatery for the last 70 years, closed its doors for the final time Sunday, Jan. 10. The restaurant, owned by Lou Jacoubs, outlasted a fire and multiple hurricanes that ravaged the Jersey Shore, all while it stayed in his family. An auction was set to occur Sunday night, with everything in the restaurant up for sale, ranging from both dartboards to cooking equipment.
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West Front Street Construction a Headache

This 2,000+ word enterprise story talks about the construction of a local bridge and its effects on the community. As the West Front Street Bridge was being constructed, small businesses and locals talked about the impact the bridge construction had on them. Lieutenant Neil Hansen of the Middletown Police Department also adds in his point of view of what the effects of the bridge construction are in the area. This story received an "A" grade in the Advanced Reporting class taken at Rutgers University
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Jay Cook

My name is Jay Cook, a 23-year-old lifelong resident to the Lincroft/Middletown area of Monmouth County. Currently, I am a freelance journalist with The Two River Times, a weekly newspaper based out of Red Bank, NJ. Also, I am a co-founder and podcast host on The Cul-Da-Sac Sports Network. I take part in two shows: "The Gang," featuring myself and other co-founders Dennis Miller and Lou Denza; and "What's Cookin'," an NFL-based podcast recorded and edited by myself. We are found on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, Facebook and Twitter. As for my education, I attended Brookdale Community College and graduated in 2013 with my Associates Degree in Journalism. At BCC, I wrote with the weekly newspaper "The Stall", and also hosted my own sports talk radio show on Brookdale Student Radio. I transferred to Rutgers University as a full time student, and I graduated in the Spring of 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree majoring in Journalism/Media Studies with a minor in Political Science. At Rutgers, I continued my Brookdale Student Radio experience, co-hosting a three-man sports talk show titled "Gridiron Gang", which was on Tuesdays from 10 am-12:30 pm. In the summer of 2015, I interned with TRT, covering a multitude of events in the Two River Area from July-August. On my own, I was also a contributing writer to Fantasy Sports Warehouse, an internet-based fantasy sports news website.



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